Toyota Prius Fought Back

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We all know about how eco-friendly the Toyota Prius is, right? But when it enters the hybrid market, there are many speculations that the hybrid car, which is believed to the most famous hybrid car of all time, is not that environment-friendly – at least not the way they promised it to be. However, the US manager of Toyota’s Advanced Technologies Group, Bill Reinert, defended the hybrid car model.

Last year, CNW Marketing-Research conducted a study about the Toyota Prius and they revealed a note that tells us that there is almost $3.25 cost per mile over 100,000 miles. It was actually compared to the ongoing Hummer H2 which was found out to be using only $1.95 per mile on 300,000 miles.


Bill Reinert said, they had to question the methodology used on the studies done by the CNW Marketing-Research because the findings on the current Prius seems to be questionable. The CNW did not even release the strategy done on the study and on why they came up with the data. GoAuto also commented saying that Toyota Staffers claim that the data revealed have been refuted “by every top science group of the world,”

Among the hybrid cars of today, Toyota was not the only hybrid car that was criticized this way. Honda also had a share of it. Studies also show that the Japanese auto maker is not true about the information they give about their Civic Hybrid. According to the study, Honda does not come on the advertised mileage of 51mpg on the highway as well as of 49mpg in the city.


The Japanese car maker defended themselves. They said, their car can travel to a 650 mile distance using only a single tank. This only means that the driver has an average of 51mpg. But John True, a California man that sues Honda says, the car only has an average of 32mpg on a 6,000 miles drive.


Both Honda and Toyota are Japanese cars that brought the hybrid car technology to the US car market. Honda revealed its very own Insight in 1997 and the Toyota Prius followed. Prius remained in the market for more than ten years now while the Honda is developing the Civic Hybrid to be its car bearer of their hybrid line up.


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