Why be Exhausted in Cleaning Your Car’s Interior?

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Why be such if there are simple and organized ways to do it?

I am meticulous when it comes to keeping my car’s interior neat and clean because it is what gives me the comfort and luxury in my daily driving. Who would want to keep on scratching because of feeling itchy as caused by dirt and insects residing on the seats and floor mats while they are in the mid of long trips and travels?

Having this thought gave me the dedication to offer some of my time to search for organized and efficient ways to maintain and clean the interior of any car. Ehow.com serves as my guide each time I clean up my beloved car.

A good start is through taking off large items from the inside and clearing out all the trash including the ashtray. Make sure you check the portion under the seats before vacuuming.

For those who are using floor mats, pull them off and shake them thoroughly to efficiently remove dirt and dust. If they are stained, you could use a scrub brush and carpet cleaner or even a homemade solution (containing ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide mixed to 3 cups of water, rinsed with solution composed with ¼ cup white vinegar mixed with ¾ cup of cold water for greasy stains). You can then leave it under the sun to dry. Rubber mats can be washed with water and patted dry before placing it back in.

Directions for cleaning seat covers vary depending from the brand or make. Usually, the covers can be bought with a manual to give the owner an idea on how to clean them. So, check your manual first before doing anything with the covers. Some can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. The sophisticated kind might require different materials for cleaning such as solutions you may have to purchase in an auto store or something.

After clearing the inside from large objects, you could start vacuuming the seats, floor and floor mats (if not removable).

Check fabric seat cushions for stains. Clean them with a stain remover or a carpet cleaner. Then allow it to be air-dried by opening the car’s windows.

Clean both the inside and outside portion of the windows with paper towels or newspapers together with a window cleaner. The dashboard, doors and other vinyl areas can be cleaned using a clean rag and some vinyl protectant.

Make sure everything is completely dried since moist fabric is at risk for mold development. So before you put back the seat covers and floor mats in their respective places, check everything again.


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