Getting Rid of Awful Bumper Stickers

August 29, 2007 at 7:41 am Leave a comment

Last year, I have been fond of putting stickers on my lovely bumper. They just seem to look cool to my eyes. However, after some time, they all suddenly looked awful, faded and torn. I am aware that it is because of the changing weather and chemical exposure which turns the sticker into trash. For that, I have tried ways to remove it and put a new one after, perhaps.

On the first attempt on some of the stickers, the surface of my car’s exterior looked dirty because of the left-over adhesives. So, to clean it up, I initially took some time to check some effective techniques from The following day, I applied it. And, here is how the whole process goes:

  1. First thing, I sprayed the rest of the stickers with a lubricant. Then, I tried peeling it off.
  2. Since the sticker is quite stuffed with strong adhesive, I waste able to remove the left-over. So, I soften the adhesive with heat from a blow dryer.
  3. As I apply heat, I started peeling off a corner of the sticker. As an alternative, you may gently scrape off the sticker with a rubber spatula or a putty knife with its metal blade wrapped in duct tape. Make sure you don’t use a razor blade or any sharp object that would be causing scratches in the paint and bumpers.
  4. I wiped the remains of the sticker with a soft, lint-free rag. It is dampened with rubbing alcohol, which helps in removing sticky adhesives.
  5. Finally, I buff the bumper and panel with a polishing compound.
  6. For a fresh new look, I put some coat of wax.

Afterwards, my bumpers looked stunning as new. So, I drove it off the village a few minutes, as if I just owned it yesterday.

Maybe, I would no longer put any stickers again. That’s not because I think removing is hard. I just don’t feel their beauty anymore.


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