Unleash More Horsepower In Your Car!

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Why do we want more horses under the hood? Of course, we’re talking about domination and it’s typical for some people having racing DNA that rushes through their veins whenever they step on the gas! We need a faster car and we want it now! Maybe for that matter, we don’t need to worry about it because we have all the right stuff we need to boost up and unleash the monster under our car’s hood!

I got this very remarkable info from wikipedia.com where they provided answers for our everyday problems. So how do we boost our car’s horsepower? Simple, just follow the steps, tips and warnings provided by WikiHow.com and in no time, you’d be familiar with only one word – SPEED!

When I followed the instructions, it really worked! I’m sure your car will improve its performance when you get to do this job on your car as well.


1. Upgrade to a free-flow aftermarket air filter.

  • Buy a free-flow air filter that fits your car.
  • Open hood. Locate the air filter housing. (Look for the long pipe-like thing connecting the engine to a square, plastic box.)
  • Remove housing. Unscrew clamps or screws and open filter housing.
  • Remove filter. Discard the old air filter (Note: remember how it is fitted).
  • Clean the inside of the box with a damp cloth.
  • Insert new, free-flow filter.
  • Close housing box and drop hood.

2. Enhance your engine’s computer with a power module.

  • Separate negative battery cable.
  • Find the car’s computer. Look in the driver’s manual, a Chilton or a Haynes guide to see how to access the car’s computer.
  • Unplug wiring harness from computer.
  • Plug in an after-market power module. Insert it between the wiring harness and the computer.
  • Reconnect negative battery cable.
  • Follow the module’s instructions for starting car. Fill it up with gas and race with up to 30 extra pony kicks.


  • When testing your car after upgrading, take it to a safe sanctioned race track, if possible. Race tracks are not only safer, but give you a record of how fast your car really is, and how much your performance has improved when making comparison runs.
  • Join an online car forum tailored specifically for your make or model of vehicle. Learn from others about what works and what doesn’t so you don’t waste your time and money or damage your vehicle.


  • Check with your local licensing agency about emissions regulations. Certain upgrades to your car’s engine and exhaust can prevent you from passing emissions and possibly violate federal emissions laws.
  • Certain states, such as California, require each after-market performance part to pass a certification for use on a street vehicle (CARB, or California Air Research Board). If your upgrades don’t have this sticker, your vehicle can be impounded!

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