Simply Install A Satellite Radio Now!

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Satellite radios offer the best and unlimited entertainment elements in your car! At this time, the satellite radio is the latest trend in the automotive industry! I believe every 2008 model that will soon hit the world market will come bearing a satellite radio! I myself was driven by commercials on television and I was easily convinced to purchase one of this cool car audio gadgets!

When I got the chance to lay my hands on the package, I was too damn excited to place it in my car. But then, how will I set it up in my ride? I realized it came along with the owner’s manual to assist me in installing the satellite radio – of course, how can I forget! Duh! Anyway, I’ll stop making a fool out of myself and let’s carry on with the real deal here!

I know you’re willing to sell some of your auto parts just to get a satellite radio! Purchasing a brand new gadget like this would cost just a little damage to your bank account. The only problem that you can possibly encounter is a complicated owner’s manual. That’s why I’m here to give you the simplest way on how to install a spanking satellite radio in your vehicle. Just follow these steps and you’ll be happy with the results, I promise you that!

Hey wait! Before you start working, be sure that you have these stuffs needed for the task. Prepare 1 Satellite Radio Receiver (SIRIUS Or XM), 1 Satellite Radio Antenna (SIRIUS Or XM), 1 satellite radio mount, 1 car radio, car speakers, 1 credit card for activating and 1 telephone or a computer with internet access for activating as well.


  • Place the satellite radio receiver mount on the windshield.
  • Set the satellite radio receiver on the satellite radio receiver mount.
  • Set up the satellite radio antenna onto your car’s roof or rear deck and route the satellite radio antenna wiring to your satellite radio receiver.
  • Plug the jack end of the car power adaptor into the satellite radio receiver. Plug the other end of the car power adaptor into whichever of your cigarette lighter or power outlet.
  • Plug the antenna into the satellite radio receiver.
  • Turn your satellite radio receiver on, and tune it to the preview channel.
  • Activate your satellite radio receiver. Now don’t get too excited.
  • Follow the instructions on the satellite radio receiver’s display.
  • Tune your car’s radio to 88.1 FM.
  • Now you can enjoy your satellite radio! Yahoo!!!

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