Can You Wheelie A Car? Oh Yes You Can!

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This question seems so impossible, but it’s not actually! But of course you must have a rear wheel drive vehicle to perform this extreme maneuver! This trick is for some people who do not have anything to do with their lives except doing some extreme moves like this with their cars. You can do this for fun – that’s the main objective of this trick. And also, you can do this to impress the ladies and the crowd. Just see to it that you do this perfectly! You need thorough practice for this trick that’s why you need the right instructions and tips before you get extremely excited!

Two years ago, I also tried doing a wheelie in public with just minimal knowledge about it. I was just instructed verbally by a “reliable” friend. I was got totally red in the face when it turned out to be a flop! Of course I wanted to redeem myself so I researched for the right instructions and tips – and so I found it in! The site gave me the right steps on how to do a car wheelie! And after weeks of practice, I finally got the technique.

Now, if in case you want to give it a shot, follow these guides first before you start your engine. This might help you execute the best car wheelie that you’ve been dreaming of! Follow these steps courtesy of

In Manual Transmission

  • Get a manual car with at least 250 Horsepower. This might not be enough to get a huge wheelie but it will release the weight off the front suspension. For a good Wheelie it’s recommended to have 400hp+.
  • Get some tires that have a lot of traction or do a burnout first to heat up the tires to gain more traction.
  • Go somewhere away from traffic, private property is a great place to do it.
  • Watch for cops, if on public road
  • Once clear prepare yourself!
  • Do a burnout to gain more traction.
  • Release your burnout and then line your car straight with the road.
  • Push the Clutch Pedal to the floor.
  • Put the Shifter in first gear.
  • Rev the engine to 1000-2000RPMs below the Redline, being careful not to hold high rims too long.
  • Quickly release the clutch.

Automatic Transmission

  • Get an automatic car with at least 650hp+. It requires that much power because you can’t rev the engine for RPM torque like in a manual car.
  • Get tires with lots of traction.
  • Once clear prepare yourself!
  • Do a Burnout to gain more traction.
  • Release your burnout and then line your car straight with the road.
  • Push the brake as hard as you can.
  • Give the car as much gas as possible without doing a burnout.
  • Simultaneously release the brake and FLOOR IT

If you had all the requirements then you should have just done a wheelie!


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