Advanced Automatic Emergency Braking Systems From TRW Automotive

June 6, 2008 at 2:56 am

Another ground-breaking development has been introduced by one of the industry’s leading automotive supplier! Yesterday, TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. announced the progress of its most up-to-date smart safety system… the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). TRW’s system can possibly lessen the sternness of accidents and consequently help decrease the risks to drivers and passengers. The Automatic Emergency Braking merges superior environmental sense and brake systems to slow a vehicle and potentially lessen the sternness of an impact when a crash is inescapable.

“Automatic Emergency Braking is the ultimate expression of TRW’s suite of pre-crash automotive technologies. AEB combines advanced driver assist systems and premium electronic stability control to rapidly decelerate the vehicle with or without driver intervention if a crash is determined to be inevitable,” says Josef Pickenhahn, vice president of braking engineering for TRW.

TRW’s Automatic Emergency Breaking systems can make use of Long Range Radar (LRR) or Medium Range Radar (MRR) in combination with a video camera which is typically fixed at the back of the rear view mirror facing forward all the way through the windshield. These sensors separately collect information. The LRR or MRR looks forward in a long but narrower field of view. On the other hand, the camera covers a broader field of sight and helps distinguish and categorize things such as other vehicles.

“AEB is another example of a Cognitive Safety System that is constantly sensing the environment, analyzing the situation and acting in the most appropriate way to help keep drivers and passengers safer,” Pickenhahn added.


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