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Advanced Automatic Emergency Braking Systems From TRW Automotive

Another ground-breaking development has been introduced by one of the industry’s leading automotive supplier! Yesterday, TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. announced the progress of its most up-to-date smart safety system… the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). TRW’s system can possibly lessen the sternness of accidents and consequently help decrease the risks to drivers and passengers. The Automatic Emergency Braking merges superior environmental sense and brake systems to slow a vehicle and potentially lessen the sternness of an impact when a crash is inescapable.

“Automatic Emergency Braking is the ultimate expression of TRW’s suite of pre-crash automotive technologies. AEB combines advanced driver assist systems and premium electronic stability control to rapidly decelerate the vehicle with or without driver intervention if a crash is determined to be inevitable,” says Josef Pickenhahn, vice president of braking engineering for TRW.

TRW’s Automatic Emergency Breaking systems can make use of Long Range Radar (LRR) or Medium Range Radar (MRR) in combination with a video camera which is typically fixed at the back of the rear view mirror facing forward all the way through the windshield. These sensors separately collect information. The LRR or MRR looks forward in a long but narrower field of view. On the other hand, the camera covers a broader field of sight and helps distinguish and categorize things such as other vehicles.

“AEB is another example of a Cognitive Safety System that is constantly sensing the environment, analyzing the situation and acting in the most appropriate way to help keep drivers and passengers safer,” Pickenhahn added.


June 6, 2008 at 2:56 am

AT&T Introduces A Variety Of ‘Green Fleet’ Vehicles

AT&T Inc. announced a couple of days ago about their plans to put in 105 alternative-fuel vehicles to the commercial fleet of its working companies. The vehicles will help the company diminish its impact on the environment and its dependence on imported oil. Next month, these vehicles will roll out in over 30 cities across the U.S.

AT&T will arrange three types of alternative-fuel vehicles after cautiously evaluating numerous alternative-fuel technologies. The vehicles will be entrenched into AT&T’s workforce as operational components of its fleet.

“Reducing our fleet’s petroleum fuel consumption and operating costs is a top priority,” said Jerome Webber, vice president of Fleet Operations, AT&T Services Inc. “Even the smallest improvement in fuel use, when applied across our corporate fleet, can make a significant impact for the environment and for our business. That’s why we’re committed to identifying smart ways to improve the efficiency of our fleet and to exploring advancement with alternative-fuel technologies.”

According to reports, the alternative-fuel vehicles is composed of 25 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vans, 65 electric hybrid Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vehicles — Ford Escapes and Toyota Priuses — and 15 electric hybrid conversion work trucks. The following vehicles will be set up in cities in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri etc.

“More and more fleets are recognizing that hybrid trucks can deliver significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs,” said Victoria Mills, project manager at Environmental Defense Fund. “AT&T’s investment in these more efficient vehicles will benefit the environment and the bottom line.”

May 23, 2008 at 2:52 am

Jeff Simmons Back In Racing

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In spite of the fact that he’s going on 32 years old, East Granby’s Jeff Simmons doesn’t believe like he’s playing against seconds on the road.

Jeff Simmons will play his fourth Indianapolis 500 start Sunday, holding a car out of the A.J. Foyt Enterprises. It’s a 1-race agreement for Simmons, who has been looking for a permanent ride in the IndyCar sequence from the time when he was hastily fired past July by Rahal Letterman racing following almost 2 terms with the lineup.

After the competition Simmons will be searching for that agreement that will set him in a race permanent again. But at the moment Jeff Simmons, who has long alleged his worship for his racing, isn’t closing any opportunity. He whispered that if the correct arrangement came along in or Sports Car racing or Stock Car event he would get the chance.

“I think that I’m healthy, I’m in good shape. I think that I can easily drive IndyCars for another 10 years,” Simmons said joyfully. “That wouldn’t be a bad career.”
In addition, At New York, as the cover ups ticked along a busy thoroughfare in Manhattan Monday, Simmons posed with a smile, his driver’s set of clothes on, and helmet beneath his arm. There was self-confidence in expressing when his upcoming race will be.

He was in attendance together with the other 32 car racers in the opening lineup for “Sunday’s Indianapolis 500”.

May 21, 2008 at 3:00 am

Greg Biffle has Sprint Cup pole

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Darlington, S.C. — On the race track, 41 out of 44 racers who finished at first lap over and done the qualifying time at Darlington Raceway.

It was Greg Biffle who set first in the front, ended in a blazing lap of 179.442 m.p.h night to triumph the pole at Darlington. He breached the preceding record of 173.797 m.p.h. made by Ward Burton in 1996.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. with Jimmie Johnson, Hendrick Motorsports team buddy, also qualified second and third, particularly.

Johnson said with a joke and with a smile in his face. “I’m very proud of my guys. I worked them real hard on two cars, and almost needed a third.”

However, Kasey Kahne, a three-time Darlington pole successor, ruined his Dodge car on his final lap and together with the long list of racers scraping their hairs in the bench at the end of the race.

Greg Biffle proclaims he was lucky to have so far passed up the wall, and trust himself to parlay his skill into a third Darlington triumph. “I just feel like maybe I overdrove it,” he said. “It hit hard enough, I don’t know if we’ll be able to race this car.” All it took to show up Tony Stewart’s softer side was his first Darlington victory.

On the other Hand, at the NASCAR Nationwide Series race Two months ago, Stewart irritably blasted Goodyear later than a race in Georgia, he says that the company had provide him the most weak racing tire he ever been on his professional racing sessions.

But now, it was a joyful Stewart who honored Goodyear for its examine and effort in sending the tires that aided the Joe Gibbs Racing standout to succeed Friday’s Diamond Hill Plywood 200.

May 13, 2008 at 7:13 am

We Are Waiting – 2008 Subaru Impreza STi

My first Impression of the movie, Casino Royale, as well as the latest James Bond film was amazing. I heard and read that the staffs of the film made the story become action-leaning and a bit rougher about the edges though continuing the sheer coolness of the entire James Bond movie. Not bad… Without any doubt, the movie kept many people anticipating for the full show. As for me, I found myself very interested to witness what would come of to the wonderful and inspiring vehicles featured on the said movie.

For instance, the most recent appearance of Subaru’s Impreza WRX STI Spec C loaded by nines by ings+1. At present, this vehicle is generally an outer shell of what is to come. And I think it’s definitely not a bad outer shell to be in. Had a special first glance at what is definite to be a lean and super clean STI.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C will obtain a little improved aero kit, adding up a roof scoop (I’m not really sure if it’s functional), light roof, aluminum trunk lid, new battery, slighter compartment glass and fuel tank. Typical gold plated wheels, estimated result in a 154-lb drop in weight for all the modified parts and framework, therefore the Spec C will go on the scales weighing at just more or less 3,000 lb.

According to Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) “It has also attained a perfect 5-star rating for occupant safety in crash worthiness testing plus the uppermost achievable four-star pedestrian rating. Subaru now achieved the 5-star evaluation over its total production range, with the Impreza, the first locally tested Australian specification vehicle to achieve the ultimate double star rating.

Overall rating to this car, a power upgrade will ensure that this weight drop is taken advantage of, Thus I imagine this creation to be done will reach on a 296 bhp to compete with the Evo X’s MR.

May 7, 2008 at 5:53 am

Alonso: Renault Is Far Behind

After two championships with Renault, Fernando Alonso decided that it would be good to join McLaren.  Unfortunately, he was paired with a rookie driver who is talented enough to lead the drivers’ championship most of the way.

The relationship between McLaren and Alonso ended with the Spaniard leaving the team prematurely and joining Renault.  The two-time world champion is now back with the team that gave him his two titles.

Alonso though seems to be unimpressed by the team’s car saying that they are not yet fast enough to take on the likes of Ferrari and McLaren.  He went on to say that BMW Sauber is the team to watch as it is probably just a tad slower than McLaren.

The Spaniard said that Renault is not even close to catching up with BMW Sauber.  It is clear that Alonso is still not happy where he is.  The Spaniard expressed his willingness to join Ferrari but the Italian team’s stable is still full and it seems that Kimi and Massa will be with Ferrari for the foreseeable future.

Alonso said that it would be dreaming to think of Renault competing for a podium finish in the first race of the season, the Australian Grand Prix.  He said that they are currently at par with teams like Red Bull and Williams.

Neither Renault nor BMW Sauber has reacted to these statements made by the Spaniard.  We will soon find out if Alonso is just joking or they are indeed no match for Ferrari, McLaren, and even BMW Sauber.

Maybe the Spaniard is just saying all this so that he will not be compared to his former teammate Lewis Hamilton when the season gets underway.

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Huge Demand For F1 Singapore GP

What could better measure the demand for grands prix than to count the tickets?

Quite obviously, the number of tickets sold determines the demand. Organizers of F1 Singapore GP, set to happen on Sept. 28, couldn’t agree more to that fact. Tickets went on sale for the said GP Thursday and demand was so high that organizers admitted the distribution system could not cope.

Race aficionados trying to purchase tickets online through call centers as well as designated booths, experienced delays due to “an extraordinarily high volume of system traffic both locally and internationally.”

“Whilst we factored in high demand during the designing of the system, the volume of traffic going into the system is unprecedented,” said Michael Roche, executive director of Singapore GP Pte Ltd. “We apologize for the regrettable delays that many fans have experienced today. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to reduce the delays and we would like to thank everyone for their continued patience.”

According to OmniTicket Network, company in charge of sales, it had designed a “unique system” to manage high demand for tickets but it still struggled to cope. “Due to the unexpected number of simultaneous requests, the response time of the reservation system got compromised and, for a short time, even stopped responding,” said CEO Paolo Moro. “We realize that Formula One fans are eager to be able to attend this unique event. Therefore we can confirm that we are doing everything possible to further increase the power of the system.”

General 3-day passes are priced from 168 to 1,388 Singapore dollars (118 to 979 US), with each customer allowed to purchase a maximum of 8 tickets. Corporate tickets for the Paddock Club, meanwhile, are priced at 7,500 dollars (5,293 US).

It is estimated that the race will generate about 100 million dollars (68.5 million US) annually, reported the AFP.

GPs are really a hit. No wonder I am hooked.

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